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dude! I just went to that livejournal page that I made to keep track of our emails and found an email that you wrote AFTER the one I responded to that I never got a chance to read!!!

Quick response! (can't be that long...christian is awake and he WONT STOP SAYING RANDOM SHIT IN THE BACKGROUND!! this is what I have to deal with! its nearly impossible for me to do anything where i have to concentrate for more than 2 seconds when hes here and awake *laffing* hes so *shakes head* boy.... i love that boy)

i HATE customer service! i dont know how you deal with those people on the phone...theres no fuckin way... i usually start out so nice but lately everytime i deal w/customer service on the phone i get transferred to the wrong place or people are just rude to ME (the customer w/the problem!!!) i hate to admit but i have started too many conversations w/random phone people like that guy..but its always after i've been transferred about 5 fucking times (when i already started the morning in a bad mood)

"hello this is so-n-so w/whatever-the-fuck may i get your name?"
"hi so-n-so, my name is ashley"
"hi ashley, how may i help you"
"youuuuuuuuuuu can help me by directing me to your supervisor. i REALLY dont want to be a bitch to you, i've been transferred about 6 times and i've been on hold for over an hour and half and i'm telling you now, i started out in a decent mood and now i'm just ...well incredibly pissed and i know YOU dont deserve for me to go psycho on you because your just a csr and this isnt your fault...i've been asking to talk to a supervisor with the past 3 csrs and no one has done it yet...can you do this for me?"
"well maybe i can help you w/your problem"
"you know what, i'm sure you can...BUT at this point, i just want to talk to a supervisor...ANY supervisor...i dont even care if i'm in the wrong department...which i probably am"
"well could i get your problem so i can tell my supervisor what it is"
"im sorry but i'd rather just tell them myself... i'm getting pretty tired of repeating myself considering this is about the 6th time i'll be repeating this story.."
"oh well could i get a short description of the problem so that my supervisor can be prepared?"
"i'm sorry. no. because the last 2 csrs said the same thing and then transferred me to another department and honestly i just want to speak with a supervisor"
"could you just tell me ..."
"no, because like i said before i'm probably in the wrong department AGAIN. i've spoken with 6 csrs and been transferred to so many departments i'm going to scream, i've been on hold off and on for the past 3 hours and i do not have the time or the energy to deal with getting transferred and being on hold again. I. DO. NOT.WANT.TO.SPEAK.TO.YOU.PLEASE.LET.ME.SPEAK.WITH.
"I'm sorry mam, i just need.."
"one moment please"
"thank you"

why does it take that carina? why? i dont want to get mean...but...damn

*continues reading email* --i just had to read the part about "little girl" to christian, we were both cracking up... sorry ;)

no i'm the only one working, we had a long convo one night where he was sayin that school is getting harder and his projects are requiring more and more time to look good if he really wants to stand out from the other students...the boy isnt good w/managing his time wisely and i really want his portfolio to look the best (plus this way he has no excuses) before he would come home from school and complain and get really sad when the teachers would critique his projects...he doesnt handle that well..especially when he knows if he wouldve had more time that his projects would be what he wanted them to be.... so we both decided it would be better if he stopped working til school is over (which is in june of this year) and his work has gotten SO much better, all his teachers love him now and hes definately (and i'm not just sayin this cause hes my b/f) the BEST in his far...its ridiculous how much better than everyone else he is...everyone is sayin that if he goes to seagraph that nickelodeon will def. swoop him up (because there was a guy that had a similiar style to his but he didnt put nearly as much thought and work into his projects so they werent as good as christians) --hes doing the story of "The Lorax" (by Dr suess) in 3D/2D ani, it looks incredibly awesome, hes so good.... i really hope nickelodeon picks him up... i just think thats cooler than everything else he hopes happens...he doesnt really wanna do ani he wants to do illustrations for you know when you pick up a cosmo and it has like a love quiz or some shit and it has like a little pic at the top? he wants to do those... hes really good at it so either way...

you can check out his webpage if you want...i'm not really sure what hes got up there anymore

Did i tell you i got a raise to $15/hr? its great but i havent been able to enjoy it cause as soon as i got it i had to pay for school so i'm still freakin broke.... but now that school is paid for i should get to enjoy the next paycheck w/o bills (i have to save it to pay other bills though) i should be getting a raise to $20/hr soon (within the next 2 weeks or month or so) needless to say, i'm incredibly excited (i really feel that i deserve it though..i work my ass off and i do so much for that guy.... at least i know he appreciates it!)

i'm pretty sure i told you everything that had to do w/aja in that last email....
how you likin the new ipod? what color did you get?
i got an 80 gig ipod video when i got this celebrate *nod* it sucks b/c christian mostly uses it because my ipod video doesnt work w/my bad ass stereo (it plays the music on ipods) but it'll work w/his older ipod video... i want mine :(

i dont remember when i got my car back...but i've had it back for a while now...and got in a wreck..i told you about that in the last email... it was really small and im not planning on gettin it fixed anytime soon...u can barely tell.

i reallllllllllly wanna plan somethin w/goin over there...maybe when i get a raise again i can celebrate by visiting you! that would be a great celebration gift! (i like celebrating raises...its fun..)

lets keep our fingers crossed!
i'll ttyl!

god i'm fucking hungry!!!

p.s. dont think i mentioned this before...i got my eyebrow pierced again XD so happy! my boss is awesome
oh yeah!
he's letting me hire extra help! so one of my friends and my cousin, who moved here from brownsvill,e both "interviewed" (they basically got the job b/c of my recommendation and he just wanted to make sure i was makin a good choice) and they should both be starting in about another week or i get to be a manager..which = raise *nod* and now i dont have to be all by myself in a biggish office for 8 hrs anymore! weeeee!

cant wait to hear back from ya chick!
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