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Yay! You're alive!!! I've been wondering when i'd hear from you.. All my emails have been from or careerbuilder lately. Not nearly as entertaining. After searching for a job forever, i finally got hired. Its nothing great... Its for West Corporation, in the Whirlpool division. Yes, the washers and dryers people. I'll be taking incoming calls. Questions, complaints, that sort of thing. $8 an hour, 40 hrs a week.... any overtime is $12 an hour... It should be enough for now... i hope. I really haven't been able to find anything else. No one wants me!!! wtf!!! *sniff* Somebody took in the world's ugliest dog (rest his soul) yet no one wants to hire me for work. I'm way cuter...

You have the worst luck with your car.... my goodness. I did laugh at your second accident though... it was the sheer randomness. What the hell is wrong with people these days? That airbag must of hurt though. You sure you're ok?

I really hope you get that job, Ash. The pay sounds excellent. I wish i could have that sort of paycheck. *sigh* I was hoping for a job with at least $10 an hour. Maybe after grad school. I need to start applying November I think.

Oh, I got my own apartment, did i tell you? Well i'm telling you now. Its so cute. I love it. You should come visit one weekend. I got a futon you can sleep on. woot!

That's that as far as news goes. WB soon k? ciao for now
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