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*you walk in and see me rummaging through STACKS of mail which have filled my room to the ceiling* *throwing them over my back and cursing under breath* i know its in here somewhere... where the fuc... AHA!!!! VICTORY IS MINE!!!! *laughs maniacally*

*looks at date*
wooooh....oh yeah... i'm definitely a terrible friend...FORGIVE MEEEEEEEEEE!!! (you were inside meeeeee.... <, no, thats not my line, thats a comedians... he's freakin hilarious... i wish i knew his ...DAVE GERALDO!!! yeah, look him up and see if you can find a skit where he's talkin' about his crazy ex g/f "do you LOVE HER DO YA FUCKING LOVE HER?!?!?!" <-- you just gotta hear it, i'm sure its MUCH funnier after you hear it...) anyway, jesus christ, september 21st!!!! (thats when the email i'm respondin to was written to me) i really am sorry, i swear i think about ya all the time and i've told christian on NUMEROUS occassions "GOD I'M A TERRIBLE FRIEND I NEED TO FREAKIN WRITE TO HER!!!!" *misses carina*

so here i am! (i've noticed that i usually have to do this while christian is sleeping, otherwise he keeps freakin interrupting me and then i get ugly cause i get frustrated cause i'm in my little happy land and he yanks me back to reality... CAN'T YOU SEE I NEEEEEED THIS?!?!?!?!)

I'm going to respond to it...even though I'm sure EVERYTHING is different in your life

I've been wondering when i'd hear from you.. All my emails have been from or careerbuilder lately. Not nearly as entertaining. After searching for a job forever, i finally got hired. Its nothing great... Its for West Corporation, in the Whirlpool division. Yes, the washers and dryers people. I'll be taking incoming calls. Questions, complaints, that sort of thing. $8 an hour, 40 hrs a week.... any overtime is $12 an hour... It should be enough for now... i hope. I really haven't been able to find anything else. No one wants me!!! wtf!!! *sniff* Somebody took in the world's ugliest dog (rest his soul) yet no one wants to hire me for work. I'm way cuter...

*like a ditzy chick, poppin gum and twirlin hair around finger* TOTALLY cuter... i mean...look at all his split ends...and that skin, like ew, your pores are totally hotter than his...
*after trance* i feel like i've responded to this already...or maybe i read it and ... *rummages through mail around room again*
*huff huff*
*out of breath*
nope *breath* this is.... geez... whoo! *hands on knees* *breath breath* *spits on floor*.....ugghhh... i need to work out....
this is all i had! so i'm responding...i'm pretty sure its my turn! ur much better than i am at replying ;)
i think maybe i had written to you and aol messed up (i'm writing in some textedit program this time) so ...yeah...anyway...i think i responded ...sayin somethin like aol had messed up and i'd write to you again later when i wasnt so aggitated? maybe? either way i'll just respond to this and you can write back and it'll be JUST LIKE OLD TIMES!!!!

You have the worst luck with your car.... my goodness. I did laugh at your second accident though... it was the sheer randomness. What the hell is wrong with people these days? That airbag must of hurt though. You sure you're ok?

I got in ANOTHER wreck...probably about a month ago... it was my fault, and totally gay...we moved out of the condo/apt thing w/christians mom b/c her friend wanted it back and they got in this HUGE fight and she said we all had to be out by whatever we went to live w/my mom temporarily b/c his was going to live w/his brother (both of these places are in spring) anyway-- my moms is much closer to my work (woodlands) so i was driving to work one morning (i think it was actually the 1st morning i had to go to work after i moved in) and the guy in front of me started to go into feeder road (intersection) and so i was lookin at the cars to MY left n i was gonna go too and TADA he was still there!!! it was the fastest wreck info exchange ever! (seriously, someone should have contacted Guinness) it was a little tiny wreck and my fault so i didnt have to pay anything b/c my car only got a little scratch n crack *shrug* everyone was fine *nod*

I really hope you get that job, Ash. The pay sounds excellent. I wish i could have that sort of paycheck. *sigh* I was hoping for a job with at least $10 an hour. Maybe after grad school. I need to start applying November I think.

OMG SEPTEMBER!!!!! dude!!! this is the whole reason i havent been able to write to you!!! jesus christ...september...damn...i need to share a LOT of shit w/you!! ok, so i went to that first interview (at starbucks) for that guy that needed a personal assistant (mr.cox) i asked him at the interview if i could contact him by the end of the week if i hadnt heard anything and he said sure, but he called me less than a week later and said that i had qualified to go to the 2nd round of hiring....which was suppose to be like 5 days away and he would confirm it in an email...but then he called me like 3 days later and told me he had already hired someone or something..i was VERY upset... i REALLY wanted that job... he asked me if he could keep my resume and i muttered sure and went out w/my shitty life at scott day (the car parts delivery people)... about 2 weeks? later he called me and asked if i was still interested (i nearly DIED w/excitement) i said yes and of course and he asked if i could meet him that same day (it was a thursday) i said yes, drove home as fast as i could, got dressed and met him (at his house this time) he explained that he had to fire the chick that he had hired instead of me and that he really liked me and wanted me to work for him.... he said the reason he didnt hire me in the first place was because i'm so young and he thought i might not be mature enough to handle the job...i reassured him (about a bazillion times) that i could handle it...he tried to scare me for the rest of the interview telling me how mean he could be and how picky he was and stuff of the sort and i was basically like "...i want this job. give it to me now!" and I GOT THE JOB!!! i got hired on w/this black chick named aja.... we talked a lot and i seriously thought we were like bffe or some shit....and then it turned out she was using me (why does this always happen to me???) and was a compulsive liar...when all that shit was goin down w/the house she actually told me n christian that she was moving too and that we could move in w/her if we pay her $200 month (wtf!?!? badass deal right!?!?!? too good to be true, right!??!?! ....yeaaaaaahhh.....) so she was lying...she wasnt even lookin for a house....and dude, i'm tellin you, this bitch was convincin. she actually had us following her for like 2 hours while she was lookin for this house that she had talked to a real estate agent about...she wanted us to see it because we were suppose to move in w/ such thing existed... i need to see if theres an lj post about this...

i didnt post anything!!
but heres what happened...
we were seriously we would chill after work and eat lunch together during and talk about guy problems and ...all that friend shit, and then one day my boss calls me and tells me to go to his house around 2 (i get off at 3) so i said i guy and he tells me hes going to fire her (he had already been PISSED at her the weekend before because she promised she was going to come in and do this super important project and she didnt show up OR answer her phone....and i was out of town. he wrote me an email askin me to call him when i was back in town and so i did and he apologized a lot and asked if i could come in and do this project... i needed the hours b/c i had been out of town so i said i rushed over and took care of that time he told me he was THINKING about firing her) this was like 2 days later and he told me he was definately going to do it...and we started talkin....n his wife came in and joined the convo (i'm pretty much her assistant too so i'm really close to both of them) and she mentioned a dinner they had all had together and i was like *face* (cause i wasnt invited...but apparently it was b/c i had already left work n aja had stayed late b/c she came in late) n she (wife) told me ALLLLLLL this shit that aja had told her that were lies about me n christian... heres the fun part! apparently i:

*fight w/christian ALL the time and we're a terrible couple... and i'm in a trance and i spend ALL of my money on him b/c i love him and he doesnt love me
*hate my parents and havent spoken to them in over 2 years
*hate my sister and RARELY talk to her... apparently at the time i hadnt spoken to my sister in at least a month
*live in a dilapidated apt that has mice, holes in the walls, leaks, and trash everywhere
*wear punk rock clothing on the weekends and put my hair in a mohawk
*have a leather skirt w/chains hanging off of it
*have a b/f who also dresses very punk and is mean to me

and more....
that i can't remember.
i swear they told me all this and we were all so weirded out! why the hell would she say that?!
so yeah...she got fired and now i'm the only employee of cox systems
i'm a technical assistant now (which basically means i do computer work) he got hired on as the v.p. of pinnacle and now they want to buy his comp (..which basically means me n him) and if that happens i'll get a $20 raise (i'm making $15 right now, if i learn how to do my own payroll i'll make 20% more and then if pinnacle buys us they'll ADD $20/hr to whatever i'm making...needless to say, i'm on the edge of my seat hoping pinnacle buys us...i'll be fucking banking man!) its tough work and the shit i'm doin is actually effecting peoples lives but its fun! i like it! (its dorky fun) yeah...

i just paid for school and barely have enough money to do anything right now but as soon as bills get caught up i'll be happy :)

i need to learn how to do payroll.

Oh, I got my own apartment, did i tell you? Well i'm telling you now. Its so cute. I love it. You should come visit one weekend. I got a futon you can sleep on. woot!

AWESOME!!! we seriously need to schedule something, this is ridiculous! it feels like forever! hows school going w/you? friends? family? updates? good movies? are you gonna watch 1-18-08 (cloverfield) <--i'm TOTALLY psyched about this freakin movie!

new years resolutions?
mine are:
fix teeth (i'm full time now in school so i get covered by the insurance, plus crystal works at a dentist office so i MIGHT get a good discount AND i'm makin good money now so theres no reason for me not too... I HATE MY TEETH!!! so much....they're so ugly, i'm going to take a before n after pic! its gonna be so awesome!)
get boobs!!! (i've decided that when i get my $20/hr raise, i'm going to 1st, pay off the collection agency n 2ndly start a savings acct to get some fake boobies! dont worry, i'm doing my research!!!)
get out of credit card debt
(i cant get out of total debt unless pinnacle buys us... i have a new car and i seriously dont think its possible to pay that off w/my pay in under a if i can just get rid of my credit cards and MAYBE even my student loans then i'll be INCREDIBLY happy)
n i think thats it!
those are my resolutions!

i've pretty much 100% stopped smokin! *knock on wood...NOW!!* I had my last cig. on new years eve and yeah *nod nod* and i've been drinkin a LOT less (it was startin to get bad there....i'm not sayin i was an alcoholic...but yeah...)

hows the job?
did i tell you i picked my major? i'm going for computer programming (i want to minor is software programming) or web design... i'm taking:
history (boo)
american lit (ew)
fitness for life (gah)
intro to comps (meh)
and web page development (woot!)

what are you taking?
you're going for...psychology? to work w/kids or something...right? or no...?
sorry....i forget...

i'm aware this letter is incredibly long! i'm sorry! i had a lot to update on! i cant wait to hear back from you, you dont have to respond to everything i really just want to hear about whats new w/you!! i hope i have more time to write back but w/school startin its gonna be hard but i PROMISE i'll try!! i really am sorry!

hope to hear from ya soon!


P.S. remind me to tell you about christmas..mainly my parents and christians parents!... and dont forget to tell me about yours!!!!
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